ENTRAILS’ Jimmy Lundqvist Talks History, World Inferno & Work Ethic

Since their reformation Entrails have climbed the ladder to become one of the best death metal bands around. This is due to the drive of guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist and his vision.

Patience sometimes pays off. Look at Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, he played the long game and ended up ruling the Galaxy for around 23 years. The same could be said on a smaller scale for Entrails, they formed in 1990 and after a split returned, releasing material constantly since 2008. Since their reformation Entrails have climbed the ladder to become one of the best death metal bands around. This is due to the drive of guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist and his vision. Recently I had a chance to chat to him about the band’s journey and music. But now let’s turn the attention to the man himself.

Jack: Hey Jimmy, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. How are you?

Jimmy Lundqvist (Guitar): Hello there. I am just fine here, thanks. Awaiting four weeks of vacations from my work that will be exactly what I need.

Jack: Entrails was formed in 1990, but no material was released til 2009, what took so long for some official material to get together?

Jimmy: The stuff we actually recorded back then was not good enough to be officially released so it always ended up for our own use. And when the band split up I continued to make songs but couldn’t record them myself properly until I decided to begin with music again after this break I had to in 2008.

Jack: Did you perform at all in the 90s? If so how has the live circuit changed?

Jimmy: Yeah. We did perform once in a music competition were the winner got to record an album. But death metal was a bit extreme for the judges so even if we were the best band they didn’t pick us for next final round. And this performance was not like a usual one with stage diving and insane crowd. It was more like sitting audience and all bands performing in front of them.. But compared to other bands I’ve seen in the 90´s and shows nowadays the shows/crowd was more intense in the early days. today there are too many music police standing with arms crossed and analysing the bands.

Jack: How did it feel in 2009 to finally get the material out?

Jimmy: To me it was great to finally have it released. And even if I had no clue how to promote it I got a record after those 2 demos and then the band have had an amazing journey.

Jack: How did this line up come about?

Jimmy: I assume you mean the lineup changes the band did in 2016.. And we had to make some changes because those who had to go had so many projects beside of Entrails and couldn’t be available more for shows that Entrails needed to do.. So without any hard feelings we did some changes and in 2016 we did a lot of shows.

Jack: Your fifth album World Inferno came out earlier this month, are you happy with the response?

Jimmy: Yeah sure.. I’ve had been reading lot of great reviews already. Of course there are those who doesn’t like it and still think we are a clone to another famous band. But a true listener can hear the difference and that we do our own stuff influenced by a lot of 80´s thrash and other styles and then mixed with the Sunlight sound. Song structures and many more stuff differ us from being a rip off but I guess they aren’t able to hear such things.. But the majority hear this and does a great job with their reviews.

Jack: Why did you call the album World Inferno?

Jimmy: We chose that after received the cover from the artist. We had some other titles to chose between but World inferno just nailed it.

Jack: What bands influenced the album?

Jimmy: Every kind of bands that I have been listening to since the early 80´s until 1995 when I think all good music disappeared under a long period. At least I didn’t follow the scene until 2008 when I heard some music that was more modern.

Jack: What was the recording process like?

Jimmy: It was the same as we always have been doing it. We does Drums first and then all other instruments after that. And finally, Vocals on top on that. And this time we once again did all the recordings in my own studio.

Jack: What was working with Dan Swano like?

Jimmy: As good as it can be. He is a damn good person and he knows by now what Entrails shall sound like. never any issues by working with him.

Jack: This is your fifth album with Metal Blade Records, what is it like working with Metal Blade?

Jimmy: Cannot complain to have one of the greatest labels behind our backs and do the best promotions that no other label can do, and also great people working in that label that always being friendly.

Jack: There have been nine releases since 2009, what gives you a strong work ethic?

Jimmy: Well.. I have had a lot of material already made when I began to do Entrails again so to me I just had to listen to a lot of tapes and just re record it again.. so I haven’t been so active in doing new music beside the latest album that I made already in 2015 and some missing songs in 2016 to fill up sort of.. so to me it have been a calm trip so far.

Jack: Do you have day jobs outside of the band? If so is it hard to find time for the band?

Jimmy: Yeah. I work full time in a company and use a lot of my free time with the band.. it’s the same with the others so we only have rehearsals every second week unless there is shows coming up. Then we step up and do it more often.

Jack: What’s been your proudest achievement?

Jimmy: Hard to say but Hellfest last year was a good one.. to be playing at such great festival is to me the most memorable moment so far and am proud of it.

Jack: What plans do you have coming up?

Jimmy: We will do massive rehearsals and have a good set list and being prepared when shows turns up. We changed booker in a time last year when festivals did their bookings so this year we won’t be on many festivals but we are working to do some shows after the summer and aim for 2018. Only needs to get the right requests so to speak.

Jack: Finally what is the greatest death metal album of all time?

Jimmy: Impossible to say. there are so many but Like and Ever Flowing Stream by Dismember is definitely one of them.

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