Melvins & Spotlights @ Union Transfer, Philadelphia (USA) – 4 August 2017

What can you say about the Melvins? Spencer reviews their and Spotlights' show at Union Transfer in Philadelphia, USA on 4 August 2017.

What can you say about the Melvins? With a career spanning nearly 35 years with an average of nearly an album a year as well as influence upon countless bands within multiple scenes, you simply can’t ignore them. Though I’ve never been deep into them (Houdini is the shit however), I jumped at the opportunity to see them live in Philly.

Opening for the Melvins was Spotlights, fronted by husband and wife duo Mario and Sarah Quintero. I hadn’t listened to them prior, but man was I in for a treat. Best described as “doomgaze,” the group definitely brought something different to the table. Equal parts cataclysmic and pensive, their sound was a unique concoction that easily clicked with me. They brought this strange heavy and mellow atmosphere that can only be experienced live. Listening to them after the fact just didn’t feel the same. Guess I need to re-up on them when they come around again!

Now with Steven McDonald of Red Kross on bass from their revolving door lineup, the Melvins took the stage. Like usual, the band played a bunch of songs from throughout their lengthy discography, including an off-kilter cover of the Beatles‘ “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. I really dig the group’s diversity of sound. From melodic, more mainstream sounding sections to doom metal to odd staccato riffing, they’re always doing something different. That’s the fun of the Melvins: the randomness (lyrics included of course).

King Buzzo was amazing of course. The wacky frontman was in full force with his Sideshow Bob hair and wizard robes. Dale Crover is an absolute monster on the kit. This dude is constantly playing unconventional stuff on the drums. Definitely one of the best percussionists in metal and rock. You get a real sense that these guys have this down like clockwork but also have fun with it. The Melvins just do whatever the hell they want, it just happens to be awesome.

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