Cold Insight – Further Nowhere

Further Nowhere by Cold Insight From succeeds in mixing death metal with a “shoegaze-y” influence. It is a one-man musical project by Sebastien Pierre.

Cold Insight is a one-man musical project by Sebastien Pierre hailing from Paris, France. His album Further Nowhere was originally released in 2011 mostly consisting of instrumental tracks, and was an independent release. It was re-released on May 28th, 2017 on digipak format by Rain Without End Records. The album features Jari Lindholm on guitar solos, mixing, and mastering, and Christian Netzell on drums. The 2011 release featured Thomas Rugolino on drums.

From start to finish, the album succeeds in mixing death metal with a “shoegaze-y” influence – seriously, imagine if Insomnium were to collaborate with shoegaze/post-rock duo Hammock. I love the general mood on this album, too. I find it quite uplifting, and suggest it as a good one to listen to when not feeling very positive.

The melody which slowly fades-in on the first track, ‘The Light We Are’, is very pleasant, and opens the album gracefully. The album’s title track certainly has a strong post-rock influence to it; it is also the album’s only instrumental track.

I only have one suggestion for this album: I feel that the title track would have worked better as the closing track. I think Mr. Pierre is doing a great job so far, and I am looking forward to his next release.

Recommended for fans of Rosetta, Insomnium, or Wolfheart.

Cold inisght - further nowhere

Track List:
01. The Light We Are
02. Midnight Sun
03. Sulphur
04. Close Your Eyes
05. Above
06. Rainside
07. Stillness Days
08. Even Dies a Sun
09. Distance
10. I Will Rise
11. Further Nowhere
12. Deep

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