Mammothfest 2017 Preview: Friday and Saturday

Since it’s inception a few years ago, Mammothfest has become one of the best indoor festivals in the UK calendar and something that is essential at keeping away the holiday blues. Each day of the festival has a different theme with Friday and Saturday being dominated by the black and death metal acts.

The return of Cacophonus has heralded the discovery of many wonderful bands, one of whom being Necronautical. Necronautical’s symphonic black metal is dynamic and percussive with a hypnotic power drawn from the nether regions. They are a band to get down early to see.

After a triumphant performance at this year’s Bloodstock Festival, The Infernal Sea will be set to make another triumphant set at this year’s Mammothfest. Taking a few queues from the finest from the black metal pantheon but adding their own plague-dripped twist to it, it’s time to become converted to The Infernal Sea.

Making only their third UK appearance and fresh from a set at Brutal Assault, Tsjuder will be making a UK exclusive performance at Mammothfest. Delivering a masterclass in black metal with the finest cuts from Antilly and Desert Northern Hell and their other underground classics. Considering how rare their appearances are on UK shores, Tsjuder are worth the day ticket alone if you are a fan of the black stuff.

You should know who Rotting Christ are by now, they’ve been travelling the world constantly bringing their messages to the masses since 1987. They’re a band whose sound has constantly evolved, drawing in more clean vocals and doom and gothic influences to push themselves even further. They’ve become masters in the scene and their exclusive UK show will be one to see.

Lawnmower Deth have a reputation as one of the funnest bands going. The band are legends in the thrash scene for their parody style and hilarious live shows. The bozo clowns have been on the comeback trail since 2008 and have conquered Download, Bloodstock and Damnation and now Mammothfest is on their list of conquests. Maybe the band will bring out Kim Wilde for their iconic cover of ‘Kids in America.’

Since their comeback show at Bloodstock, Akercocke seem to be unstoppable. Their excellent new album Renaissance in Extremis is doing incredibly well with critics and fans alike; even though they’ve started touring the world again this is just the beginning for Akercocke. They say good things come to those who wait, and Akercocke’s long awaited performance at Mammothfest will be a masterclass in heavy, majestic music with a real beating heart.

Dragged Into Sunlight are a very special band. From supporting their influences in Mayhem, their collaboration with Gnaw Their Tongues to their various appearances across the globe, they’ve become one of the brightest lights in the underground extreme music scene. Their slot at Mammothfest confirms they are on the warpath and they will take no prisoners. One of the greatest, evil sounding acts produced in recent years, Dragged Into Sunlight with their mix of black, death, sludge and noise are an unstoppable force.

Headlining Mammothfest are the mighty Fleshgod Apocalypse; Italy’s finest exports have become a global juggernaut who never seem to slow down. One of the loudest bands live with their chaotic, symphonic death metal which has caused people to leave their shows for being “too much”. Fleshgod Apocalypse’s only UK show for the rest of the year will no doubt be a suited spectacle, a violent feast for the eyes which will leave eardrums broken and bodies shaking.

The Infernal Sea
Rotting Christ
Lawnmower Deth
Dragged Into Sunlight
Fleshgod Apocalypse

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