Monolord’s Thomas Jäger: “You can connect the title ‘Rust’ in many ways throughout the album”

[The theme of Rust is] the everlasting struggle of dealing with religion, war, greed, & right-wing fucks.

Monolord is for sure one of the best newer doom metal bands out there. With seismic riffs and an overwhelming sound of destruction, their brutal tone is unmatched. Leading up to the release of their third LP, Rust, I was able to speak to vocalist/guitarist Thomas Jäger about the band and their the new album.

Spencer: What does the name “Monolord” mean?

Thomas: It is actually a funny story. A friend of mine is deaf in one ear. That means he can only hear in Mono. Therefore he is THE Monolord. His name is Christer.

Spencer: You guys have made three albums plus a few other tracks in four years. How have you been able to put so much material out in a short amount of time?

Thomas: Yes, we have been pretty active. When we are not touring we are rehearsing. I am constantly writing songs at home and I have a small studio and it is more or less set up at all times and I can just turn on the computer and start writing. We don’t have to rehearse the new ideas for very long to get the feel if it is worthy of more work. Sometimes we let an idea rest for a year or two but we are pretty on the same level how we want stuff to sound so it is not really a struggle to write.

Spencer: What are some influences that might be unexpected from you, musical or otherwise?

Thomas: I don’t know what counts as unexpected but I listen to everything from King Crimson to Wovenhand to Entombed.

Spencer: How did you approach this new record as opposed to previous albums?

Thomas: Not so different really. Same three stressed out guys locked in a small room trying to get the songs recorded and mixed before leaving for tour. The songs might seem different to others, to us it is just the songs that came out at that time. We do not try to evolve. If we have it is not intentional. I write, we arrange, we play.

Spencer: Is there a theme running throughout the new record?

Thomas: It is the everlasting struggle of dealing with religion, war, greed, & right-wing fucks.

Spencer: How and why did you get Trevor William Church of Beastmaker and John Gamino of Mondo Drag to guest on the title track on Rust?

Thomas: We toured with Beastmaker on our last North America tour and we thought it would be fun to have a guitar virtuoso doing the last solo on “Rust” so we asked him and he was stoked about it. Turned out great. John from Mondo Drag is also on Riding Easy Records so that was Boss Hog Daniel that connected us and he also did a great job! The organ work on “Rust” is amazing and the mellotron on the last part on the record is awesome.

Spencer: Can you explain the album cover for Rust and how you got the image?

Thomas: The album cover is a photo from somewhere in the middle east. War-related. And war, that is a story that gets old quick. You can connect the title “Rust” in many ways throughout the album.

Spencer: How did the new Monolord beer come to be?

Thomas: It is Steve of Oliver Brewings’ work. We hung out at the brewery in Baltimore last year and they are a bunch of music loving dudes! They do a bunch of music related stuff.

Spencer: If you were deserted on an island, and you hypothetically had a vinyl player and electricity, what one album would you have?

Thomas: Probably In the Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson or one of the first five of the Hellacopters albums.

Spencer: Do you guys plan on doing another U.S. Tour?

Thomas: Nothing set, but yes we are coming back. When is still unsure.

Many thanks to Thomas for all the info. Monolord’s Rust drops on September 29 via Rising Easy Records. Read our review for it here.

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