God Root – Salt and Rot

God Root has been coming up with new ways to evoke pain and sorrow

God Root has been an interesting enigma in the metal scene. Their sound is hard to pin down, in the best way possible. “Avant-sludge” is what they’ve described themselves, which is very apt. Literally meaning “advance guard,” avant-garde refers to art that expands borders, defies conventions. God Root has been coming up with new ways to evoke pain and sorrow, as evidenced by their live shows. Their music is very layered, both in terms of their soundscape and deeper meaning. Let’s see what their latest EP, Salt and Rot has to offer.

“Reclamation” acts as an atmospheric primer. Featuring ritualistic chanting, dominating beats, and psychotic noises, it definitely gets you in the mood for what is to come. “From Hounds to Silent Skies” commences with a driving riff that builds for three minutes. It sounds like it could be ascending to heaven, but its more likely descending to hell. Then a foreboding riff comes on that acts as a backbone to the track, and it really builds, increasing in tempo and intensity. It climaxes at the eight minute mark, only a little over halfway through the track. The song is bookended by the riff from the beginning. This is a brutal and punishing sound environment. The anguish is real here. Sensory overload happens at different points, highlighting a unique form of chaos the band exudes. Additionally, the group’s use of vocals in interesting, with the various members weaving their harsh voices throughout.

“The Peak of Our Threshold” is essentially just a noise track. A lot of guitar tone and drumming. It didn’t really interest me that much. The final track, “Conscious Disease” starts with a contemplative bassline played over spoken word of a man ranting about pain – a feeling that permeates the band’s sound. Chaos ensues in the back half of the track, continuing the previously mentioned themes throughout. They bring every heavy tool into the last few minutes of the EP, culminating into a much needed fade-out.

God Root delivers an unconventional sound, which is invaluable in this day and age. While I didn’t enjoy every second of the EP, the unique soundscape and tormenting vibes were intriguing for sure. I couldn’t understand most of the lyrics, but it didn’t matter. The music conveyed everything.

1. Reclamation
2. From Hounds to Silent Skies
3. The Peak Is Our Threshold
4. Conscious Disease

God Root is:
Joe Hughes – Guitar, Vocals
Keith Riecke – Guitar
Ross Bradley – Bass
Fred Grabosky – Drums, Vocals
Jordan Stiff – Guitar, Noises

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