“Come Join The Freaks” with Kinjiru [Song Stream]

Electro synth punk metal act, Kinjiru, (means “forbidden” or “prohibited” in Japanese) are unveiling their new EP, 4D, via a few sites. We are lucky to be partnering up with the band to premiere one of these tracks, entitled “Come Join The Freaks”. If you like bands such as Pain, Ministry or Pitchshifter, then this is definitely up your alley. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts!


We are told that the track is

“about somebody finally breaking free of very controlling and, as the lyrics say, “everything phobic” parents. Once free of them, they go on a journey of sexual adventure and exploration, leading them to ‘the freaks’ (as their parents used to refer to people that didn’t conform to their idea of ‘normal’).”

The band comment about their new EP:

The 4Ds are Deviance, Desire, Depravity and Debauchery, all of which are covered in the lyrics of the songs. It is a play on the old saying that you need 4 Ds to succeed; desire, dedication, determination and drive. I’ve been a metalhead all my life, but I do have a weak spot for catchy chart pop and some trance, so this was an opportunity to see how I could merge the different styles. Also. we’re living in pretty dark times at the moment, so this EP is intended as a bit of light relief for both myself and the listener!

The EP, entitled 4D, is out on Halloween. You can follow Kinjiru on Facebook.

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