Perdition Winds – Transcendental Emptiness

Transcendental Emptiness is raw and second-wave influenced and does a fine job at providing the scene some cardio-pulmonary resuscitation in the face of black metal modernism.

The band Perdition Winds is comprised of Finnish doom/death metal/black metal veterans from Finnish bands Corpsessed, Lie in Ruins, and Sargeist.  The band is known for intense, vitriolic black metal interspersed by sections with occasional ambient music of the darker, more melancholic variety. They released their latest album, Transcendental Emptiness in December of last year (2017).

Transcendental Emptiness comes via the label Hellthrasher Productions and deserves a chance to decimate hordes of unknowing black metal minion.

They appear to utilize cleaner production on this latest effort.  They do this without sacrificing circa second wave black metal aesthetics. Concurrently, the band is also evolving their sound, using disparate vocal styles in the lower and higher registers and mixing in nuanced tempo changes throughout songs. They refrain from mixing tempos predominantly between songs in the album – fast song, slow song, mid-tempo song, etc.  As a result, the songs are less predictable, and the music retains greater fluidity. The drumming here is also more audible than in their past recordings.

The band has a very aggressive sound, and they blast often and do well at obliterating everything that stands in their way.  You might misjudge an album title like Transcendental Emptiness for a DSBM band’s work, but the cover will help alter that perception, and a listen is good enough to shatter all illusions to pieces.

The band does use song arrangements nicely, never underplaying a section or playing it to sickening levels of monotony.  The ambient sections are not gimmicky.  They, in fact, bolster the record’s decadent expression of aggression in most songs.

It all comes in a full-length album’s worth of listening pleasure.  Don’t expect fancy rock god solos, violin sections, or sax here. They may be welcome additives to other records by other bands, but they are not particularly characteristic of most throwback tributary efforts.  While it is true that Perdition Winds mix a little modern songwriting innovation with raw vitriol and imprecise execution, the band cannot be accused of crafting something wholly modern. Transcendental Emptiness is, in fact, raw and second-wave influenced and does a fine job at providing the scene some cardio-pulmonary resuscitation in the face of black metal modernism.

Perdition Winds - Transcendental Emptiness

Track List:
1. Of Smoke And Mirrors
2. Malicious Seed
3. Saints Of The Deathfields
4. Saturnial Void
5. Venus Rising
6. Asphyxiation
7. Impious Frontier
8. Outro

Perdition Winds are:
J.K.A. – Bass, Vocals (backing)
R.S. – Drums
R.Ä. – Guitars
T.K. – Guitars
J.I. – Vocals

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