The King Is Blind – We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer

These newly crowned veterans are at the cusp of something great and this music is the driving force.

Typically, when a band has more than two words to their name I dismiss them. I know the logic is insane but more often than not a band with a sentence as their moniker has been a letdown, until now…

The King Is Blind are an exception to this rule and their latest effort, We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer, is an in depth examination on how to be an ass-kicking death metal act. A controlled chaos that oozes the necessary violence to have your head banging.

I must admit it took me awhile to appreciate this album. I normally give new releases a week to digest but I ended up with this in my player for nearly a month. I think what makes this a standout album is The King Is Blind’s use of atypical choruses and tragic arrangements. These aren’t the focal points of the songs but rather an enhancement to them. The end result is like Trouble (Psalm 9) or My Dying Bride (Turn Loose the Swans) fused with Entombed (Clandestine). It’s a gut-wrenching epitaph that refuses to go slowly into the night.  

The King Is Blind have only been active since 2013 but you wouldn’t know it based on the maturity level displayed on this effort. These newly crowned veterans are at the cusp of something great and this music is the driving force. Check out, We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer and let the disease of the King Is Blind infect you! \m/

Track list:
1. Patriarch
2. Embers From A Dying Son (Plague: Gula)
3. Like Gods Departed (Plague: Acedia)
4. Mantra XIII (Plague: Avaritia) [feat. Karl Willetts]
5. The Sky Is A Mirror (Plague: Luxuria)
6. Idolatry Of Self (Plague: Superbia)
7. As Vermin Swarm (Plague: Ira)
8. GodFrost (Plague: Invidia)
9. The Burden Of Their Scars

The King Is Blind are:
Lee James Appleton Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Stephen John Tovey Pharynx & Larynx
Paul Alan Ryan-Reader – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Barnaby Joseph Monger – Drums
Ceri Monger – Bass

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