Black Moth, Grave Lines @ Boston Music Room, London (UK) – 8 February 2018

Black Moth have never been in better form. Check out their latest album Anatomical Venus.

Black Moth are only going up in the world of heavy metal. The Leeds band are about to release their third album, Anatomical Venus, and are currently on a UK headline tour to promote it. They already have features in most major metal/rock mags and websites praising their new effort. In London tonight, they have a strong and loyal crowd celebrating their long-awaited follow up to 2014’s Condemned to Hope. …it actually feels as if that mammoth of a sophomore albums was released just yesterday.

Black Moth UK tour 2018

The first act to grace the stage were Killing Man Jaroh, who doomed the hell out of the audience. Downtuned doom with those traditional Sabbath-esque riffs at snail’s pace dominated their set, with foreboding vocals spicing it all up like a cherry on top. It was their more upbeat stuff that I preferred though. This seemed to be reflected in the rest of the audience as well, as their faster (as fast as doom can get) tracks made quite a few people want to nod their heads in appreciation. Metalheads like to bang their heads after all.

Although I am not new to the work of Grave Lines, and if you are a regular reader of MR you would have noticed Jack’s fascination with the band, here, here and here. Oh, and here. I have never seen them live though, and only when I saw them perform I realised what an amazing band this is. They haven’t finished their first song and I was already a fan. Why? Although it is hard to describe the type of music they perform, it was the entire execution of their music and the atmosphere that was created as a result that was jaw-dropping. It was a wall of sound with grungy, sludgy, doom heavy metal, with the growling vocals reminding me of Obituary at times. I highly recommend you keep an eye on this London act and watch out for their new album which will be released soon via New Heavy Sounds (the label that released Black Moth’s first two albums).  

This is an album launch tour so it is not surprising that Black Moth’s setlist consisted of mostly new tracks from Anatomical Venus. Starting off with the catchy “Iskra” and the instant classic of “Moonbow”, the Mothsters started in top form. The crowd was loving every single moment of the show. The set also featured the best of their back catalogue with “Looner” (with the added attraction of balloons once again) or “Tumbleweave”. The recent addition of Federica on guitar only strengthened the band. Harriet’s skills of fronting a band were tested at this gig a little bit as there were some technical difficulties with Dom’s drumkit falling off (?) or Dave’s bass going silent, but she managed to take advantage of the situation and entertained the crowd. It’s visible and audible that the band members get on really well and were really enjoying the set. Honestly, they have never been in better form and it is not a surprise that Candlelight Records (part of Universal Music now) picked them up to release the new album. The future is very bright for the Moth and may it last long.

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