Moons – Friday the 13th EP

Needless to say, the boys in Moons don't disappoint!

After seeing them at four different shows over the last year, I can safely say that Philadelphia-local doom metal band Moons has improved substantially since their first show last November. It’s very interesting seeing a young band grow and bloom. Once I heard their debut EP coming out, I knew I had to see what groovy doomy tunes await. Needless to say, the boys in Moons don’t disappoint!

The three song release starts with “Mammoth of the Sun,” a heavy scorcher for sure. It commences with a calm and solemn intro, the calm before the storm. It segues into the main part, which feels like Electric Wizard and Sleep had a bastard space child with heavy riffs heading toward a black hole. Guitarist Jordan Baro‘s echoed vocals kick in and are fittingly adrift in the chaos. A triumphant beginning.

The middle track “Bog Water” shifts the tone and is decidedly bouncy. The more upbeat song is a nice change in pace, sandwiched in between some two catastrophic songs. The EP ends with “Oceans,” my favorite track of theirs. This number has classic doom metal written all over it, with a plodding yet catchy main riff full of dread and destruction. Gotta love the vocal melodies too. In classic late 60s/early 70s fashion, it has a contrasting fast midsection jam that is always welcomed, making the slower parts hit even harder. The EP finishes with the main section of the song again as it fades out, like a receding tide.

The power trio has managed to create a solid EP with stellar tracks. While the band isn’t necessarily pushing new ground, there is definitely a place for them in this increasingly crowded ecosystem of stoner/doom metal. I am always in favor of supporting great local metal, and Moons certainly fits that description!

1. Mammoth of the Sun
2. Bog Water
3. Oceans

Moons is:
Jordan Baro – Guitar/Vocals
Raymond Figueroa – Bass
Nick Salerno – Drums

More Moons:

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