Biesy – Noc Lekkich Obyczajów

...discordant-sounding guitars which emulate a feeling of falling further within a state of insanity.

Noc Lekkich Obyczajów is the first full-length release by Polish metallers Biesy. It was released on September 9th, 2017 by Third Eye Temple.

‘Każdego Dnia’, the album’s opening track, develops the album’s atmosphere effectively with its slow, ominous guitar melody, and its guttural vocals. It works well as an intro track, while simultaneously being a great track on its own.

The remaining tracks on this release feature slightly discordant-sounding guitars which emulate a feeling of falling further within a state of insanity as the album progresses. A great example of this would be its third track ‘Powroty’, which continues what the prior tracks did which was to both retain and develop the album’s sinister atmosphere. The fourth track, ‘Czerń Nas Prosi’, works with the slower, deeper  aspect of the band’s sound, which gives the listener a new perspective, in a way, on the feeling and message that the band try to convey on this release. As states Third Eye Temple on their Soundcloud page for the track ‘Powroty’:

“The project explores how urban concrete life can separate you from reality, but at the same time enables you to cross its borders. This is not the place for faith – there is no time nor will. During the night people go astray and willingly drown among the masses on the streets. In the morning they fall down to create a passage for everything that is wonderfully common and hideously sincere. However, it is not certain if they even left the room.” [1]

The moments of deeply unsettling ambience on the fifth track ‘Rzucony W Przestrzeń’ which take place between around 4:12 and 7:33 on this eleven-minute track certainly prove to the listener that Biesy are very much atmosphere guys; this section specifically sounds quite cinematic, gives the album a couple more layers of dimension, and helps make the listener feel more enthralled by the music. The album’s title track closes the album nicely and left me looking forward to their next release.  

Up until that previously-mentioned fifth track, I was going to say that this album sounds too similar to others in its subgenre, but I found that the few minutes of chilling ambience added a nice sense of uniqueness to the record.

To conclude, Noc Lekkich Obyczajów is a great first effort from Biesy, and as I have previously stated, I am looking forward to their next release. I will recommend this album to fans of Krypts, Vorum, or Vanhelgd

Biesy - Noc lekkich Obyczajów

Track List:
1. Każdego Dnia
2. W Krew
3. Powroty
4. Czerń Nas Prosi
5. Rzucony W Przestrzeń
6. Noc Lekkich Obyczajów

Biesy are:
MP – drums
PR – bass, guitars
Stawrogin – vocals

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