Desertfest 2018 Preview: Saturday (Electric Ballroom)

Leave reality behind and jump into the 'Fertile Green' that is High on Fire's discography before their appearance at Desertfest.

London’s Desertfest returns to the Electric Ballroom for the Saturday. The day features the return of shirtless marauder Matt Pike and other fan-favourite bands from the multiple genres under the Desertfest roof, once again offering an eclectic line-up for the day.

Desertfest 2018 day splits

Performing in London for the first time since 2014 (which was actually at Desertfest), Cape Fear’s Sourvein are ready to hit the stage again. T-Roy Medlin’s sludge four piece have been through hell and back and released some killer tunes along the way. Releasing multiple albums and splits (including two with fellow main stage act Church of Misery), they have a discography spanning back from 1995. Heavier than a mammoth and sludgier than a swamp that Trump was supposed to drain, Sourvein will be an appropriately disgusting start to the day.

Akercocke may seem like a band that wouldn’t fit on the Desertfest line-up, but their music is one that is challenging and unconvential, something in line with the Desertfest ethos. One of the highlights of Mammothfest last year, Akercocke’s progressive extreme metal makes them stand out from every other band on the line-up. They’re an amazing band, consistently challenging and pushing not just their own sound, but the genre of extreme metal itself. Akercocke are a complex creature, but one that us fans are lucky to have.

Metal songs about serial killers are going for ten a penny, but none of them take the art as seriously as Tokyo’s Church of Misery. Singing about the subject without going stepping into cliche territory, the band will no doubt be bringing the misery and Black Sabbath influenced doom to the Ballroom. What Tatsu Mikami and his band on (un)merry men have achieved is oustanding and their slot at Desertfest will be a chance to see them in their infernal majesty.

Dixie Dave Collins is a legend. Whether it is through his work in Buzzoven or Weedeater, the man is full of stories and output has helped inspire and redfine the sludge and stoner scene. Celebrating the anniversary of God Luck and Good Speed, we will no doubt hear a few green nuggets from the album on display. If you can’t catch them on the Saturday then fear not, as they are headlining the Underworld on Sunday with a special ‘early years’ set.

Not content with levelling the Roundhouse last year with Sleep, Matt Pike is at it again but this time with the sludge version of Motörhead, High on Fire. With Matt Pike on vocal duties, High on Fire are a very different outfit to Sleep. Pike put his foot down on the accelerator in 1998 and has not slowed down since then, alternating between Sleep and High on Fire with the later being the faster, demon-possessed entity. The band will be celebrating 20 Sunless Years and no one will be in a celebratory mood. So, leave reality behind and jump into the ‘Fertile Green’ that is High on Fire’s discography before their appearance at Desertfest.

Church of Misery
High on Fire
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