Abominablood – Abomination Continues

I am a fan of barbaric black/death metal, and the band Abominablood from Argentina puts a brutal but ritualesque spin on the sub-genre. When the shredding focuses on the fifth and sixth strings, walls could easily cave in with the intensity of the guitar grit. Steel strings send electricity running like live wire through speaker cable, and the result is supremely devastating. The weight and bombast of the guitar sound is enthralling, and although the riffs themselves are simple in structure and melody, this aspect of the songwriting aids in maintaining an accessible nature to the album.

The album is entitled Abomination Continues and the songtitles hint at occult lore with a fascination towards the darker sphere of the world’s varied mythological demons. Although the nature of the lyrics and inspiration for them is largely difficult to discern due to the absence of enunciated growls or clean vocals, this is a welcome trait to aid the extremity of the music created here. Truly, if clean singing were utilized on Abomination Continues, it would not have been a satisfactory addition to the album.

There are two tracks on the album that are ritual seance-inspired ambient compositions. They stay for a relatively short time and this prevents the tracks from boring listeners adverse to ambient trickery. While it is true that many bands now incorporate some ambient ritual music to their repertoire, they are not always welcomed by fans who are more interested in music that is brutal bar none.  Certainly, the short runtime and dark texture to these two tracks on the album help the band avoid the trappings many bands who employ these methods fall into as well.

Overall, Abominablood play brutal black/death metal with little room for guitar acrobatics or melodic virtuoso gymnastics.  There’s little use of sweep picks and arpeggios. The drum patterns are basic to allow only the strictest, most sparse control of tempos, and the guitar riffs, as mentioned, are simple but accessible for most listeners. Still, this accessible nature of the music does not betray the brutality that is clearly perceived from one’s listening experience to Abomination Continues.  Abominablood has been around for several years now and their latest release is another foray into a style that compromises nothing in the intent to produce music fitting for fans of occult extreme metal. Abomination Continues is available through Cyclopean Eye Productions, and fans who want nothing but the heaviest, most intense examples of this sub-genre of music will want analog copies of this release for their record collections.

Abominablood Abomination Continues

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