Limb, Kurokuma, Strauss @ Black Heart, London – 2 March 2018

Chaos Theory is now a landmark name in the live music circuit in London. Whether it’s prog, hard rock, metal or the dirtiest sludge/hardcore acts, you’re guaranteed to see some of the best showcases with Chaos Theory. This time we were treated to a night of (mostly) sludge at Camden’s Black Heart.

Limb london chaos theory march 2018

First off were Strauss who started the show on a positive note with a marching tempo. Filled with tasty guitar effects, groovy sludge and funky guitar melodies, this opening band played like a headliner. We were even treated to some Beethoven in one of the intro tracks, which I found funny because their name is the same as a different composer… Strauss. Great way to launch your EP!

Kurokuma started the show slowly with feedback ringing in our ears and vibrating all over our bodies. People say that if you want to physically FEEL a show, you gotta see a drone show with all that feedback reverberating all over you. I say though that you should go see Kurokuma. They’re not a drone act at all, but they do penetrate your body and soul with those riffs. The atmosphere at times also felt futuristic.

The main act, however, were Limb. The riffs were pouring down like a neverending waterfall. It’s hard to pigeonhole Limb. Not that they’re recreating a genre, but there are punk elements, hardcore and sludge elements. The core of the band is hard rock though. That’s why I feel that they are a sludgy Orange Goblin if I were to compare to any other band. They have the hooks, the catchy rhythms and the god damn heaviness that a heavy metal show requires.

Another belter of a show from Chaos Theory.

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