Preview: Dopelord, Stubb, Enos and Earthmass @ The Underworld, London – 29 April 2018

There's a lot to be learnt from watching this band and The Underworld is the perfect chance to watch their weedy sermon.

Dopelord are so good they are playing London twice, once at Desertfest and a week before headlining The Underworld. If you are planning to go to Desertfest, I recommend catching Dopelord at The Underworld not just because it will allow you to watch another band without having to worry about clashes (or give you the chance to see Dopelord twice), but because there are also three excellent supports before them.

Ever since I discovered them three years ago, I have been waving the flag for Earthmass. Genuinely one of the best, most consistent live bands to come from the UK. Space metal extroadinaries who should be living on a luxury yacht in the middle of the Atlantic. An absolutely powerhouse live band who create a wall of sound so powerful, you will leave the audience shaken and stirred. A joy to watch on stage every time.

Enos are a band that kids would describe as “absolute sick.” The Brighton three-piece have been crafting excellent riffage that blends psychadelia and heavy stoner groves to create music that is both beautiful and infectious. Enos have been playing for ten years and if that’s not worth celebrating I don’t know what is.

Stubb are a band that have built up a well-deserved reputation for being a great band. Since 2007 they’ve been shredding like it is the 70s, channeling with the spirit of the past with a very modern energy. A lot like Orange Goblin and Clutch, Stubb have this excellent power to be heavy, yet melodic and groovy, making them the perfect support to the headline act.

Last year at The Underworld, Dopelord blew Belzebong out of the (bong) water when they were the main support for them at The Underworld. Now they’re back in a rightful, well-deserved headline slot. A stoner power quartet who last year released one of the stoner albums of the decade in Children of the Haze, an unstoppable behemoth featuring future anthem ‘Reptile Sun.’ There’s a lot to be learnt from watching this band and The Underworld is the perfect chance to watch their weedy sermon.

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