Desertfest London 2018 Preview: Nightshift Promotions Stage, The Dev (Saturday 5th May 2018)

"The line up contains bands that are not your standard Desertfest fodder but one the crowd will definitely appreciate."

Not content with smashing out regular gig nights in Camden, Nightshift Promotions will also be taking over The Dev once again at Desertfest, featuring some of the best underground acts from across the globe. The line-up contains bands that are not your standard Desertfest fodder, but one the crowd will definitely appreciate.

Monolithian have consistently proved they are one of the best UK bands of the last few years. Not content with smashing the Underworld last year at Desertfest, they are also back to smash the Dev. Expect them to do this every year until they reach the Roundhouse (which is something they deserve). A two piece who make more of a racket than a band in size, if you are a band who loves disgusting bass lines, powerful drumming or just good music in general, then see Monolithian.

Replacing The Moth we have the mighty Lotus from Belgium. Lotus are a hardcore band that may seem out of place on the Desertfest line-up, but Nightshift and Desertfest celebrate underground talent and this is something Lotus have. An energetic, aggressive live force that will no doubt be starting pits across The Dev.

Snow Burial are an amzing post-metal band from Chicago who will be returning to London after opening for Neurosis’ Scott Kelly last year. Snow Burial are one of the most impressive bands I’ve heard this year, twisting the post-metal genre to their own devices with a sludge twist. Go and see Snow Burial and you’ll definitely be buried in riffs.

Crowd of Chairs are absolutely mental, the Gent noise rockers have no barriers in their music and go straight for the juggular with their manic noise. Taking a cut from the book of Big Business, the band are absolute committed to delivering their noise manifesto and that will no doubt win over a few fans at The Dev.

Telepathy are one of the best UK bands touring Europe and absolutely naturals at their craft. Creating post-metal landscapes that conjure vivid images of beauty and destruction with some beautiful music that comes from the soul. A must see band for those who have never seen them before, they are the UK’s answer to Russian Circles. 

Darkher are an etheral force of nature, like Alcest they create soundscapes of emotional beauty and joy. On a line-up full of bands that sound like they emerged from depths of hell, Darkher sound like they come from heaven and are an actual sublime listening pleasure.

Crowd of Chairs
Snow Burial
Nightshift Promotions

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