Belzebong, Dopelord, Weedpecker and Major Kong @ The Underworld, London (UK) – 11 May 2017

May 11th’s gig at The Underworld was unique. The line-up was made up entirely of stoner metal bands hailing from Poland, with some making their debut UK appearance. Despite each band being cut from the same cloth, they all added their own twist to the genre to set each other apart.

Major Kong were the first band of the day and even though they played to a criminally small crowd, they rose to the occasion and made an impression. With riffs with the power of King Kong’s fists and music that was engaging without the need for vocals, Major Kong were a major triumph.

Weedpecker were beautiful, the most chilled band of the evening. Playing material from their new third album, the four piece weaved together stoner riffs with an astral quality that gave the set a distinct atmosphere. With a few more albums under their belt, Weedpecker could headline this venue.

Not many bands could overthrow a headliner with the quality of Belzebong, but Dopelord just edged it. Playing material from one of the albums of the year, Children of the Haze, they started the set on the right foot with some Sabbath worthy riffs. Getting the whole venue to headbang and sing to the likes of ‘Navigator’ and future stoner anthem ‘Reptile Sun,’ the Polish four piece were simply phenomenal and were the most entertaining band of the night. With energetic riffs, commanding vocals and an amazing rhythm section, Dopelord are on the path to stardom.

Belzebong, however, were still a worthy headliner and a mysterious force of bong magic. Playing a bongwater filled reservoir of riffs, the instrumental four piece opened with ‘Bong Thrower’, unleashing a hailstorm of stoner riffs backed by green lighting. Long winding instrumental pieces of music that twisted round the venue like tentacles took command of everyone, ensnaring them in a hypnotic trance. With the band’s long hair in front of their faces, the band concealed their identities, adding to the mystery of a show. Finishing with ‘Dungeon Vultures’, Belzebong were a triumphant headliner.

This was one of the best stoner gigs I went too, an absolute treat for fans of the genre. Nightshift Promotions have done it again.

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