Bongripper, Primitive Man and Apey and the Pea @ The Underworld, London (UK) – 16 June 2017

Bongripper making an appearance in the UK is always a treat. Since discovering them at University I had waited with baited breath for the stars to align so I could see them. But fate was on my side and in June I was able to head to The Underworld where I could watch the stoner doom kings. But luck wasn’t with the band, the occasion was very rushed as the band and Primitive Man were both playing Hellfest the next day and had to catch a certain ferry or they’d miss their slot. But all three acts put on brilliant sets that made the night memorable.

Opening the night were the always entertaining Apey and the Pea. Apey and the gang delivered an impassioned performance of fire and fury. Apey himself adorned in a Napalm Death shirt was on fire, throwing himself into the front man role with real bile when required. They’ve grown and come along way since their slot with Weedeater and are becoming a fast favourite with the locals. It won’t be long till they’re back but I know for certain people will get down early for them.

Despite only having thirty minutes to play with, Primitive Man left us all stunned. Blasting through ‘Downfall’, ‘Bag Man’ and ‘Scorn’ trio smashed it out of all the ball park. More nihilistic than the nihilists in The Big Lebowski with a harsh, intense aura about the riffs. When watching Primitive Man I was in a trance, I was hypnotised and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. An incredible set for a band who needs to be bigger.

When they opened with ‘Worship’, Bongripper drew everyone in. People came running from the bar to witness the spectacle. It was everything I hoped it would be; loud, heavy, entrancing and overwhelming. Bongripper have such power in their music that only a fool would deny it. Seeing a near capacity Underworld swaying back and forth to Bongripper’s heavy music was a moment I had waited four years for and it did it not let down. Playing a new song and ending on ‘Endless’, the band proved their worth as titans of the stoner doom throne. When they finished, the crowd wanted more but it didn’t happen as they had to go, but they were given a hero’s farewell when they left the stage. They’ll be back, and you’d be foolish to miss them.

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