Preview: Bongzilla, Dopethrone and Sons of Otis @ The Underworld, London (UK) – 1 July 2018

There are guarnatees in life: death, taxes, Germany’s World Cup exist being hilarious and killer sludge shows at the Underworld. On the 1st July, the Bongzilla, Dopethrone and Sons of Otis show is guranteed to be a blinder. Three killer bands, cut from the same cloth but different will make for the best Sunday possible.

Sons of Otis are an absolute class act, Canadian stoner rock at its finest. The band have the ability to delve deep into the stonersphere, creating really hypnotic and entrancing songs that will one day be destined for greatness. The live footage below of them performing in Vegas shows them in their nature environment, a reason to get down early if there ever was one.

Two years ago, Dopethrone headlined the Underworld and to this day it is one of the best shows there. Two years later with a new album in Transcanadian Anger in tow, the band are more pissed off with new music to play. With new anthems ‘Snort Dagger’ and ‘Killdozer’ sure to be played alongside classics like ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ and ‘Scum Fuck Blues’ it is time to get messed up with Canada’s best retrobates.

After smashing Desertfest twice last year, it’s evident Bongzilla are not sick of the Underworld as they’re back for more already. Bongzilla are one of the greatest bands in the stoner/sludge/doom scene. Making an absolutely disgusting racket while they scream about the green herb and it’s legailsation. Bongzilla are pure audio filth with a strong punk ethos. This green juggernaught shows no signs of slowing down and the Underworld is the place to be for them.

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