Black Spiders and Black Moth @ House of Vans, London (UK) – 15 June 2017

"It was a triumphant final London performance for one of rock's finest modern acts."

All good things must come to an end, but somethings end in style. Many thought that Black Spiders’ apperance at Desertfest would be their final London show, but they had one more in them for the fans. The show at the House of Vans in London fans were entered via ballot for a chance to gain free entry. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to see their final London show.

Opening the show was Leeds’ Black Moth who were the perfect start to the day. Opening with ‘Tumbleweave’ from modern classic Condemned to Hope, the band were everything I hoped they’d be on the live front. Engaging, enthralling and haunting, Black Moth’s riffs oozed with stoner gold. Ending with ‘Blackbirds Fall’ they put on a performance that reminded us that they are one of the essential bands of this age.

Black Spiders’ final London show was a class affair from moment to finish. Fourteen songs spanning their career, played with the ferocity and sense of fun that got them where they were. Black Spiders were nothing but entertaining, when opening song ‘Si Ei Diablo’ followed by ‘Kiss Tried To Kill Me’ started the party, the House of Vans was jumping. Despite the sombre occassion, the band kept spirits high, joking between the songs and delivering a high quality performance. After ten songs the band returned for a four song encore, including ‘Just Like A Woman’ and ‘Stay Down’ which had the whole venue yelling “fuck you and this one horse town.” As with all Black Spiders gigs, the crowd yelled “fuck off Black Spiders” to see the band out. It was a triumphant final London performance for one of rock’s finest modern acts.

Black Moth
Black Spiders

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