Full of Hell, Unyielding Love, Grief Tourist, Weeping and Working Men’s Club @ Kamio, London (UK) – 14 July 2017

Whether it is collaberating with artists, such as The Body and Merzbow, or by standing on their own two feet, Full of Hell are one of the greatest bands touring today. Despite having day jobs, they ruthlessly tour the world with no signs of slowing down. Making a headline appearance in London, Full of Hell had sold out Kamio on their quest for world conquest, but what followed was something else.

Working Men’s Club were a solid start to the day. Really enjoyable blackened hardcore from London Town, it was an appropirately aggressive punch to the cut the show needed to get the ball rolling.

Working Men’s Club by Working Men’s Club

Weeping may no longer be with us, but their performance was one of the greatest displays of sonic violence I have ever seen. Collaberating with knifedoutofexistence, the show was dark, tense and a full assault on the senses. The show took me places and half a year later has stayed with me ever since.

Grief Tourist had an old-school, reckless punk vibe about them that was part a throwback to the glory days, part looking forward. Their set was brief but hugely enjoyable. I made a note to check out their self-titled EP when I got home and was not let down, this is a band to watch.

Unyielding Love are one of the best harsh noise live acts currently touring. The unstoppable Belfast live act took over Kamio with a foreboding, savage atmosphere that was at times genuinely unsettling. Unyielding Love put on a show that grabs you by the throat and squeezes a little too hard, but it’s worth not just to watch the band throw themselves about the stage, but to see the crowd react like a ferocious pack of wolves. This is a band that is just beginning, I cannot wait to see what happens next.

“Come up on stage” ordered vocalist Dylan Walker as the faithful swarmed the stage and jumped back off into the madness below, “your stage is our stage”. As soon as the noise intro dropped, Full of Hell turned the whole floor into a giant pit, a sea of death and destruction. But when ‘Deluminate’ dropped, I had to stand on the back of the sofa to avoid death. Full of Hell themselves were just incredible, a grind nightmare come to life. The tracks from one of the albums of the year in Trumpeting Ecstasy, were superb, ‘Crawling Back To God’ and ‘Gnawed Flesh’ were highlights of the day. Full of Hell put on one of the shows of 2017 and proved they are one of the best bands touring.

Working Mens Club
Grief Tourist
Unyielding Love
Full of Hell


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