HEY COLOSSUS: “If It’s Easy What’s the Point?”

"People in the main only really listen to music on shit headphones or through their phone speaker. Distorted music is not compatible at all, so will always be a pretty niche thing. That's the point."

One of Britain’s best kept secrets is noise outfit Hey Colossus. The experimental noise group have been creating challenging and unexpected music since 2003 and have developed a strong cult following across Europe. In June 2017, I spoke to Paul Sykes from the band about their latest album The Guillotine. 

Jack: How did Hey Colossus form?

Paul Sykes (Vocals): Over a shared interest in ruining and enhancing all aspects of your life equally, over a fairly long period of time.

Jack: Band members are spread between three different areas, does this make it hard to find time for the band?

Paul: No, it makes it easier. It sounds better too.

Jack: Is it easy fitting the band around the day job?

Paul: If it’s easy what’s the point in it? It would just be indulgent. Or more indulgent than it is already.

Jack: What keeps your strong work ethic going?

Paul: I don’t have one personally. Or being made homeless, not that this helps.

Jack: There are a wide range of genres at mix. What bands are the main influences?

Paul: The Melvins

Jack: What influence do you take from them?

Paul: The melodies and the words. Answering questions sarcastically. Poorly fitting clothes.

Jack: You’re often classified as noise rock, do you think noise is getting more popular as a genre?

Paul: No, it’s not. People in the main only really listen to music on shit headphones or through their phone speaker. Distorted music is not compatible at all, so will always be a pretty niche thing. That’s the point. But we’re not noise rock. And we’re still not compatible. But that isn’t the point.

Jack: Your latest release The Guillotine is out now, are you happy with the response?

Paul: It’s a slippery slope if you care too much about that sort of stuff. In my experience. But the answers’ no.

Jack: Is there a theme to the album?

Paul: It’s all shit. But it can be funny too.

Jack: Has the recent political climate affected the album?

Paul: Yes, too much. Really annoying cunts everywhere, every day. Why don’t they just give it a fucking rest so we can write songs about spaceships and Godzilla or whatever bands write about these days?

Jack: What was working with Tim Cedar and Ben Turner like?

Paul: Professional, and with excellent rates. Jovial but committed.

Jack: You’re playing a few European dates in July. How is Europe different to the UK?

Paul: People in the United Kingdom don’t go indoors when it’s too hot. They’re martyrs.

Jack: What’s been the best gig you’ve ever played?

Paul: A dance competition in the Lake District when I was 8. I came third out of three people. I won a three litre bottle of Coke.

Jack: What else do you have coming up?

Paul: Varicose veins.

Jack: Finally, do you think Jeremy Corbyn can win another election?

Paul: He will win Labour Leader for the third time running.

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