"Three very intense weeks in the studio, pretty much every day we'd be there to record stuff, do the mixes together with our former bassist etc. Nothing too fancy, just a whole load of work, but good times as well."

Last year, after their Desertfest London set, I interviewed Samsara Blues Experiment’s Christian Peters. 2017 was an excellent year for the band, mainly because of their amazing album One With the Universe. We talked about the band’s origins, the album, their appereance at Desertfest 2017 and their greatest achievements.

Jack: Good evening, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. How are you doing?

Christian Peters (Guitar/Vocals): Good, thank you we are actually at the end of our tour across Central Europe with the guys of Kaleidobolt. Good times for sure!

Jack: How did you all meet?

Chris: Via internet ads, kind of, it’s a common fact I guess… not a very romantic story behind it, sorry.

Jack: What bands are the main influences?

Chris: Plenty of bands and musicians from all around the world from ca. 1960 till today. You really don’t want to read all the names here [Winks] But from time to time I post some of these on our social media pages…

Jack: What drew you to Indian Raga?

Chris: Well, I don´t know, maybe a past life memory?

Jack: If someone wanted to get into Indian Raga, where would someone start?

Chris: Listen to Nikhil Banerjee.

Jack: Your album One with the Universe came out last week, and it is excellent, are you happy with the response it got?

Chris: I guess so? But yes we are [smiles].

Jack: How would you say it was different to Waiting for the Flood?

Chris: It’s less complex, maybe?

Jack: Waiting for the Flood came out four years ago, what was the reason for the long gap?

Chris: We had some internal difficulties to solve first, and we needed a little time-out from touring, so we basically hid in the rehearsal room for a while.

Jack: What was the recording process of One with the Universe like?

Chris: Three very intense weeks in the studio, pretty much every day we’d be there to record stuff, do the mixes together with our former bassist etc. Nothing too fancy, just a whole load of work, but good times as well.

Jack: How has your recent European tour gone?

Chris: Very good I suppose… well some cities rock more than others, but hey we can’t complain. Paris was the highlight for me so far. Love that city.

Jack: You played the Sunday of Desertfest UK, how did you find your set?

Chris: Was a great show! Thanks everybody for rocking your hearts out even due the little overlapse with the Sleep show [Smiles] I heard that actually many people couldn´t get inside the venue, which is a pity really.

Jack: Part of your set clashed with headliners Sleep, did this concern you beforehand?

Chris: Not me myself, but the fans for sure. I am sorry about this, but that is job of the organizers and still always a hard task to do, so I hope we’ll be back soon.

Jack: Are Sleep an influence on your work?

Chris: Nope. But they seem to be nice guys.

Jack: Will you be planning a more extensive UK tour in the future?

Chris: Well, we all wished this could happen but it seems a little tricky without the right contacts. But we’d love to play the UK and Ireland too!

Jack: As a band that has been around for ten years, did you think you’d be this successful ten years later?

Chris: What is success? I guess we are successful in our terms, but yeah it seems a rather relative point. We played three continents, more than 200 shows in this period, gathered many many great fans, so yes, successful in relation to that for sure!

Jack: What’s been your career highlight?

Chris: My personal highlight so far would have been the first US-tour and the South America-tour. Just a whole bunch of great memories.

Jack: Long Distance Trip has four million views on YouTube and many comments have said they listen to the album when studying or to relax, how does this make you feel knowing the album has a huge impact on people?

Chris: It’s very impressive to say the least, but also a bit “awkward” at times because some of the other albums did not get the recognition they deserve in relation to that. Just for some of you guys there’ll be much more to explore!

Jack: Finally, what are your upcoming plans?

Chris: I think writing more new songs will be the main thing for the coming weeks and months.

Jack: Thanks for your time and come back to the UK soon!

Chris: Yes I hope so, thanks for your interest!

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